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The Man He Didn’t Know Out Now

Update: The Man He Didn’t Know Ebook edition is out now. 


My latest novel, “The Man He Didn’t Know” is now available as a Kindle Ebook, at just $3.99 in Australia, and $2.99 in the USA.
A nerdy but unmotivated young man, Christopher Lyons finds his grandfather, Francisco Cortez, dead. It’s declared as suicide, but Christopher know better.
In spite of opposition from the authorities and from family members, he sets himself the seemingly impossible task of finding the killer, but soon discovers Francisco isn’t who he’d always believed him to be.
One by one, suspects emerge, as he peels away layers of identity and discovers terrible secrets hidden in a bloody past, including one that makes him question his own identity.
To know the killer, Christopher must first know the victim.
A murder mystery wrapped in a thriller.

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