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How Absence of Doubt Came About

The starting point for this book was an article about people who have a natural ability to tell when somebody’s lying to them. They really do exist, and in the intelligence and policing world, they’re called wizards.

I began to think about what a double edged sword it could be, especially while still a child. To know when you were being lied to, but perhaps not understanding why, would be so difficult.

The other trigger for the creation of Thomas was my fascination with how a person can be both a believer and a scientist, especially a psychologist who would have had exposure to the various theories about why some humans need a belief system.

And then, to leave the priesthood must be very difficult.

I began work on Absence of Doubt back in 2005, before the concept of corporate executive as psychopath became fashionable. It was inevitable I suppose, as during my sixteen years in the corporate world I’d met several candidates.

The book was a heap of fun to write.