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The Man He Didn’t Know Out Now

Update: The Man He Didn’t Know Ebook edition is out now. 


My latest novel, “The Man He Didn’t Know” is now available as a Kindle Ebook, at just $3.99 in Australia, and $2.99 in the USA.
A nerdy but unmotivated young man, Christopher Lyons finds his grandfather, Francisco Cortez, dead. It’s declared as suicide, but Christopher know better.
In spite of opposition from the authorities and from family members, he sets himself the seemingly impossible task of finding the killer, but soon discovers Francisco isn’t who he’d always believed him to be.

about The Santiago Gospel

997AD  When Garrick Haligfaex, son of a Saxon nobleman, leads a tiny band of pilgrims on a dangerous journey across Spain to Santiago de Compostela, he is caught up in the political intrigues of the medieval Catholic church and a Moorish invasion.

To save himself he must first save a city, a priceless relic and the woman he loves.

2009AD  Seeking redemption on the same journey a thousand years later, Alex Tanner, a traumatized ex SAS soldier, discovers a secret that will change the world.

about Absence of Doubt

Young women are being raped, murdered, scrubbed clean and dumped in Sydney suburbs

A psychopath becomes increasingly deadly as his fantasy world becomes his reality

A convicted serial killer is kidnapped while recovering from surgery

Thomas Carlyle, criminal psychologist and an ex-priest struggles to live with memories of the evils he has encountered as a criminal profiler