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I love words.

I love the way we can put them together, to make us  shiver with a haiku, or to carry us into another world with a twenty thousand line Norse saga.

In my life I’ve lived a thousand lives and loved a thousand loves.

I’ve visited planets and places and traveled through time.

I’ve learned a thousand lessons and I’ve been misled a thousand times.

I’ve waded through a thousand ideas.

I’ve been inspired.

I’ve become.

And I care.

All through my love of words.

So, I’m a writer

I’m a commentator for the same reason I’m a writer – I care.

That’s why I’m a troublemaker too.

I’ve always been fascinated by the mythic tricksters, like Loki and Hanuman. Sometimes you have to create a little chaos, stir things up – just a tad – before you can make them better.

Observation Point is where I have some fun – and occasionally make a little trouble.

So now you know me.